A Birthday Salute from BigLittleMeals to My BigLittleSister

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you knocked the crap out of that neighbor kid for bullying me. Unfortunately, we have no photographic evidence of that heroic (heroine-ic?) deed although it will remain part of the family oral history. But there is some photographic evidence that you were indeed my big sister when we lived in Chino in the biglittle house on 5th street.

Our 5th St. BigLittleHouse – photo from my last visit to Chino (2-3 years ago)

So, as my birthday gift to you I have created a couple of biglittle collages commemorating your role as my elder sibling.

The center photo in the collage is from Dan and my visit to you in 2019. I have artistically surrounded that photo with shots from our younger sibling days.

And, for me, our annual Big Bear vacation was a highlight of the year. I wouldn’t have been the same without big sister.

Have a very happy birthday – at least as happy as you can make it in these weird and scary times. And thanks for the memories, as someone sang in a once popular song.

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