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Welcome to “Andy’s Corner” of Big Little Meals, where Andy has free rein (reign??) to get off script now and then.

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  1. theRaggedys says:

    Thanks for sharing your cat names, but I don’t know. It looks like you have number of clever names in the mix. Not that I would ever suggest that you may be an “attention-grabbing poser.” Also, do you know why the cat who was crossing the desert thought that he was at the North Pole? Because he looked down and saw Sandy Claws. So sorry about that. I have been waiting for many years for an excuse to tell that one.


  2. Carolyn Hall says:

    Pet names in our family (all cats): Mountolive and Mehitabel (guess what I was reading). Feiffer (for the cartoonist). Abner . . . because we liked it? Tigger (the most obvious, silly name, but by far the best pet ever!). Angelina Popolina Fineberg (named by four-year-old Jenny). Miss Kitty (feral cat not around long enough to “earn” a real name). Clara (after Clara Bow, the “it” girl). And Paws (current companion). He was “Claws” when we adopted him. We thought it a kindness to soften it to Paws. Next in line? Who knows.


  3. OMG – 2 of the highlights I experienced in Israel – Singing the Jerusalem “The Holy City” song as we entered the city on the bus, and the incredible food fresh from the farm. Can’t wait to try these recipes of yours, they look incredible. I started making hummus when I got home, still can’t make it as good as they can. What I had was from scratch. they make the tahini fresh in the restaurant blending the sesame seeds themselves. You could choose from 5 main courses cooked fresh in front of you! my mouth is watering. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog. When I retire I want to attend your private cooking school, or better yet just come visit and eat.


    • theRaggedys says:

      Thanks for the comments. Your Israeli trip sounds like a wonderful experience both food-wise and culturally. You are always welcome to visit (and eat). You will have to talk to Ann about the private cooking school; I am mainly the dishwasher around here.


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