Avoiding-the-Kitchen-Clean-Up Blues – Andy’s 2020 Playlist

sink of dirty dishes.jpeg

Last wave of dirty dishes from preparations for our 2020 New Years Eve dinner party.  The music that accompanied this mess is revealed below.

Although today’s blog is all about having a musical playlist to accompany you while cooking, I thought it important to consider the work staff who must clean up during and after the cooking.  As I have mentioned previously, my major contribution to our kitchen is being the utility clean up and put-away guy.  And as everyone should know, doing the utility clean up and put-away task can be a serious drag without suitable musical accompaniment.

While a student at UCSB in the 1960s two of my college roommates and I attended the Monterey Jazz Festival 3 years in a row.  One of my favorite performers each year was Jon Hendricks – and one of my favorite songs of his was Watermelon Man.


Similar to our different styles of cooking (see my earlier blog) Ann’s and my musical preferences tend to both overlap and diverge.  Although I am a country western and folk music fan, my main musical love is rooted in jazz, especially the music from my formative jazz years during the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Ann has made it clear that jazz isn’t her cup of tea.

So, I am providing you with a modest example of a playlist that can get you through piles of dirty dishes, crusty pots, and cluttered countertops.

Editor’s note: our son Travis showed us how to upload song lists from Spotify to our blog.  It’s pretty cool. The below preview of my playlist provides 30-second sound snippets of the pieces I selected.  If you have Spotify you can access the full songs by clicking on them.  Otherwise you will need to look them up on line – or make up your own playlist.

Happy 2020! May it be full of many happy hours in the kitchen cleaning up while jiving to your favorite music.

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