Andy’s Corner Posts from 2018

Bidding STAIRwell to 2018: big little stairs with big little puns (posted by Andy, 12/18/2018)

Rabbit Ears and Yelping in the Ivory Tower (posted by Andy, 12/4/2018)

Andy’s Handy Dandy Milk Crate Pie Transporter (and possible jail time) (posted by Andy, 11/20/2018)

When Cowboys Grow Up (posted by Andy, 10/23/2018)

Existentialism, Doorstops, and Breakfast Burritos (posted by Andy, 10/9/2018)

Skateboard Scooters and Big Sister Justice: Maybe a Vivid Memory (posted by Andy, 9/25/2018)

A Tale of Two Kitties: The Best and Worst of Times (posted by Andy, 9/11/2018)

How to Bond While Chasing the Hatch with a Purple Haze Trico (posted by Andy, 8/28/2018)

Gone Fishing (posted by Andy, 8/10/2018)

Puppy Love in the Flower Garden (posted by Andy, 7/31/2018)

World Famous for 44 Seconds (posted by Andy, 7/17/2018)

Yukon Queenie: Swiftest and Strongest Lead Dog in the Northwest? (Posted by Andy, 7/2/2018)

Bicycles and the Hand of Clod in Amsterdam (Posted by Andy, 6/5/2018)

The Cowgirl and the Coach: A Somewhat Modern Fairy Tale (Posted by Andy, 5/22/2018)

My Biscuits in Print? Perish the Thought. (posted by Andy, 5/8/2018)

Cops and Cows: Chino in its Hay Day (posted by Andy, 4/24/2018)

Foxtail Tales (posted by Andy, 4/17/2018)

War Babies, Blackouts, and Other Cool Things About April (Posted by Andy, 4/10/2018)

Generational Limbo- Caught Between the Silents and the Boomers (Posted by Andy, 3/27/2018)

Should I Pair my Rich Green-Sauced Oysters Rockefeller with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinnotheres Pisum? (posted by Andy, 3/13/2018)

¿Cómo trabajo el @%&# control remoto? Or, Lost in translation (posted by Andy, 2/27/2018)

Is Love a Many Splendored or Splintered Thing? (posted by Andy, 2/13/2018).

From a Souped Up Lotus to a Lotused Up Soup (posted by Andy, 1/30/2018)

When the Rubber Meets the Road – or putting my acorns where my mouth is (posted by Andy, 1/16/2018)

It’s the Thought that Counts (posted by Andy, 1/3/2018)

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