Food for Thought

And now for something completely different (to shamelessly borrow from Monty Python) we are sharing links to items we have found thought provoking (and in some cases, just provoking).

How Goya brought ethnic food to white America Washington Post; 9/23/2013 (posted by BLM 5/3/2020)

Don’t Soak Your Dried Beans Los Angeles Times; 9/11/2014 (posted by BLM 4/21/2020)

The reasons why food tastes better in a bowl than on a plate Quartz; 4/11/2018 (posted by BLM 1/25/2020)

The Comfort of Bowl Food The Wall Street Journal; 1/16/2020 (posted by BLM 7/13/2018)

8 Health Benefits of Nuts Healthline; 1/17/2019 (posted by BLM 1/16/2020)

Super Seeds and Nuts You Should Include in Your Diet  Microsoft News; 1/20/2019 (posted by BLM 1/10/20)

The Primal Thrill of a Cherry Tomato New York Times; 8/27/2019 (posted by BLM 10/20/2019)

Weeknight Dinner Around the World New York Times; 8/24/2019 (posted by BLM 10/20/2019)

We Don’t Need to Be Saved From Making Smoothies New York Times; 5/30/2019 (posted by BLM 6/1/2019)

EWG’s 2019 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce Environmental Working Group (EWG); 3/20/2019 (posted by BLM 5/6/2019)

Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered – How to shop, cook and eat in a warming world. New York Times; 4/29/2019 (posted by BLM 5/7/2019)

There Should Be More Rituals! The small acts that keep a society together. New York Times; 4/22/2019 (posted by BLM 4/24/2019)

Dining-In and Dining-Out Handbook.  U.S. Army Pamphlet; May, 1994 (posted by BLM 4/23/2019).

A Wintry Braise Inspired by a Warmer Place: Vietnam. New York Times; 1/18/2019 (posted by BLM 1/18/2019).

Sweet Discovery in Leafy Greens Holds Key to Gut Health.  Science Daily; 2/15/2016 (posted by BLM 10/20/2018).

Fiber is Good For You. Now Scientists May Know Why. New York Times; 1/1/2018 (posted by BLM 10/20/2018).

The Root of Autoimmune Disease Can Be Found in the Gut, Well Being Journal; Sept/Oct 2018 (posted by BLM 10/15/2018).

In Praise of Mediocrity New York Times; 9/29/2018 (Posted by BLM, 10/9/2018).

Three very cool sources about memory:

Memory and Forgetting.  Radiolab podcast; 6/7/2007 (Posted by BLM, 9/25/2018).
Three Reasons Not to Trust Your Memory Psychology Today; 5/7/2016 (Posted by BLM, 9/25/2018).
Free Brian Wilson.  Revisionist Historya podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply, Season 3, Episode 4 (Posted by BLM 9/25/2018).

Making Do on the Macon Ridge: the Eating Patterns of Southern Farm Families During World War II.  Academic Paper by Joseph B. Parker; 10/8/1993 (Posted by BLM 9/11/2018)

Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch  New York Times; 7/29/2019 (Posted by BLM 7/29/2018)

Seriously, Juice is not Healthy New York Times; 7/7/2018 (Posted by BLM 7/12/2018)

Researchers Now Have a Much More Nuanced Understanding of Whether We Should Eat Pasta Washington Post; 7/6/2016 (Posted by BLM 6/17/2018)

Canned Foods Linked to BPA Risk in New Study CNN; 6/29/2016 (Posted by BLM 5/22/2018)

Packaging Food with Food to Reduce Waste New York Times; 5/30/2017 (Posted by BLM 5/22/2018)

Home Cooking  The New Yorker; 4/15/2018 (posted by BLM 5/8/2018)

Most of America’s Fruit is Now Imported.  Is That a Bad Thing? The New York Times; 3/13/2018 (posted by BLM 4/10/2018)

How Millennials Compare with their Grandparents 50 Years Ago  Pew Research Center; 3/18/2018 (posted by BLM 3/20/2018)

Restaurants that Serve Oysters Sometimes Toss Out Hundreds of Tiny, Juicy Crabs a Day – Why Aren’t They Making Their Way Onto the Menu Instead?  Taste; 3/14/2018 (posted by BLM 3/14/2018)

Mescal Sunrise: Searching for the Ultimate Artisanal Distillate The New Yorker; 4/4/2016 (posted by BLM 2/27/2018)

Is the Secret to Campari Red an Insect?  Daily Beast; 2/14/2018 (posted by BLM 2/14/2018)

Does Red Dye Really Affect Kids’ Behavior?; 10/25/2017 (posted by BLM 2/13/2018)

These Crazy Pictures Show How Companies Use Bugs to Make Red Dye for Food and Cosmetics; 10/24/2014; (posted by BLM 2/13/2018)

Is Reintroducing Acorns into the Human Diet a Nutty Idea? Scientific American; 5/16/2014; (posted by BLM on 1/16/2018)

The Kosher Salt Question  Taste; 10/11/2017; (posted by BLM on 12/31/2017).

Nutritious Acorns Don’t Have to Just Be Snacks for Squirrels  National Public Radio; 10/2/2014; (posted by BLM on 12/14/2017).

Unscrambling the Nutrition Science On Eggs  National Public Radio; 3/6/2017; (posted by BLM on 11/28/2017)

Egg Makers Are Freaked Out by the Cage-Free Future BuzzFeedNews; 3/22/2017; (posted by BLM 11/28/2017).

Why the U.S. Chills its Eggs and Most of the World Doesn’t National Public Radio; 9/11/2017; (posted by BLM 11/28/2017).

Definition of a Heritage Turkey  The Livestock Conservancy, © 2017 (posted by BLM on 11/14/2017).

Americans Have Stopped Eating Leftovers  Washington Post, 10/31/2017; (posted by BLM on 11/3/2017)

An Ode to Sloppy Joe, a Delicious Mess  New York Times, 10/9/2002; (posted by BLM on 10/24/2017)

How Safe Is Your Shrimp?  Consumer Reports, 4/24/2015; (posted by BLM on 9/12/2017)

I Want To Eat Fish Responsibly.  But The Seafood Guides Are So Confusing! National Public Radio; 3/15/2017; (posted by BLM on 8/26/2017)

Why Salad Is So Overrated The Washington Post; 8/23/2015;  (posted by BLM on 8/12/2017)

It’s the Umami, Stupid. Why the Truth About MSG is So Easy to Swallow; 11/8/2013; (posted by BLM on 8/12/2017)

How MSG Got A Bad Rap: Flawed Science and Xenophobia, FiveThirtyEight; 1/8/2016; (posted by BLM on 8/12/2017)

Why Do Puns Make People Groan? The Atlantic; 7/15/2015; (posted by BLM on 7/30/2017)

The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More than Some Antics  by John Pollack; 4/14/2011 (posted by BLM on 7/30/2017)

Sesame: Little Seeds, Big Benefits; 8/2/2016 (posted by BLM on 7/16/2017)

Sesamum orientale – from the USDA (posted by BLM on 7/16/2017)

An Ingredient Yotam Ottolenghi Can’t Do Without New York Times; 6/16/2017 (posted by BLM on 7/5/2017)

What the Heck Do I Do with Annatto?; 4/13/2011 (posted by BLM on 7/2/2017)

Beyond Blades of Grass New York Times; 6/16/2017 (posted on BLM 6/18/2017)

What America’s Changing Bread Preferences Say About Its Politics Washington Post; 6/19/2014 (posted on BLM 6/18/2017)

White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf Published by Beacon Press, 2012 (posted by BLM on 6/18/2017)

People Like Us PBS; aired 11/18/2013 (posted on BLM 6/18/2017)

Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be WronNew York Times; 5/8/2017 (posted on BLM 6/4/2017)

A Chicken that Grows Slower and Tastes Better  New York Times; 5/1/2017 (posted on BLM 5/21/2017)

Vegetarian and “Healthy” Diets Could Be More Harmful to the Environment Carnegie Mellon (posted 5/21/2017)

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