Food for Thought

And now for something completely different (to shamelessly borrow from Monty Python) we are sharing links to items we have found thought-provoking (and in some cases, just provoking).

There’s Not Just One Type of Porn’: Erica Lust’s Alternative Vision NY Times; 1/14/2022 (Posted as a PDF file by BLM 1/30/2022)

How Disgust Explains Everything NY Times; 12/27/21 (Posted as a PDF file by BLM 1/30/2022)

Chinatowns are struggling to survive Washington Post; 1/10/2022 (Posted as a PDF file by BLM 1/17/2022)

No Soil. No Growing Seasons. Just Add Water and Technology NY Times; 7/6/2021 (Posted as a PDF file by BLM 8/3/2021)

Becoming a Marihuana User American Journal of Sociology; Nov. 1953 (Posted by BLM 8/3/2-21)

Too Impatient to Smell the Roses: Exposure to Fast Food Impedes Happiness Social Psychological and Personality Science; 11/14/2013 (Posted by BLM 7/12/2021)

You’ve Been Taught to Braise This Way Your Whole Life. Here’s a Step You Can Skip FOOD52; 03/9/2020 (Posted by BLM 7/12/2021)

What Americans Can Learn From Other Food Cultures Ideas.Ted; 12/18/2014 (posted by BLM 5/24/2021)

The Gatekeepers Who Get to Decide What Food Is “Disgusting”  The New Yorker; 5/10/2021 (posted by BLM 5/17/2021).

If you eat meat, don’t call those who eat blood or brains disgusting South China Morning Post; 9/26/2020 (posted by BLM 5/18/2021)

Boudin Noir; 1/27/2014 (posted by BLM 6/2/2021)

Burning Horses: A Hungarian Life Turned Upside Down Book by Agatha Hoff; 6/15/2010 (posted by BLM 6/2/2021)

Laughter May Be Effective Medicine for These Trying Times NY Times; 10l1/2020 (posted by BLM 6/2/2021)

How Goya brought ethnic food to white America Washington Post; 9/23/2013 (posted by BLM 5/3/2020)

Don’t Soak Your Dried Beans Los Angeles Times; 9/11/2014 (posted by BLM 4/21/2020)

The reasons why food tastes better in a bowl than on a plate Quartz; 4/11/2018 (posted by BLM 1/25/2020)

The Comfort of Bowl Food The Wall Street Journal; 1/16/2020 (posted by BLM 7/13/2018)

8 Health Benefits of Nuts Healthline; 1/17/2019 (posted by BLM 1/16/2020)

Super Seeds and Nuts You Should Include in Your Diet  Microsoft News; 1/20/2019 (posted by BLM 1/10/20)

The Primal Thrill of a Cherry Tomato New York Times; 8/27/2019 (posted by BLM 10/20/2019)

Weeknight Dinner Around the World New York Times; 8/24/2019 (posted by BLM 10/20/2019)

We Don’t Need to Be Saved From Making Smoothies New York Times; 5/30/2019 (posted by BLM 6/1/2019)

EWG’s 2019 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce Environmental Working Group (EWG); 3/20/2019 (posted by BLM 5/6/2019)

Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered – How to shop, cook and eat in a warming world. New York Times; 4/29/2019 (posted by BLM 5/7/2019)

There Should Be More Rituals! The small acts that keep a society together. New York Times; 4/22/2019 (posted by BLM 4/24/2019)

Dining-In and Dining-Out Handbook.  U.S. Army Pamphlet; May, 1994 (posted by BLM 4/23/2019).

A Wintry Braise Inspired by a Warmer Place: Vietnam. New York Times; 1/18/2019 (posted by BLM 1/18/2019).

Sweet Discovery in Leafy Greens Holds Key to Gut Health.  Science Daily; 2/15/2016 (posted by BLM 10/20/2018).

Fiber is Good For You. Now Scientists May Know Why. New York Times; 1/1/2018 (posted by BLM 10/20/2018).

The Root of Autoimmune Disease Can Be Found in the Gut, Well Being Journal; Sept/Oct 2018 (posted by BLM 10/15/2018).

In Praise of Mediocrity New York Times; 9/29/2018 (Posted by BLM, 10/9/2018).

Three very cool sources about memory:

Memory and Forgetting.  Radiolab podcast; 6/7/2007 (Posted by BLM, 9/25/2018).
Three Reasons Not to Trust Your Memory Psychology Today; 5/7/2016 (Posted by BLM, 9/25/2018).
Free Brian Wilson.  Revisionist Historya podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply, Season 3, Episode 4 (Posted by BLM 9/25/2018).

Making Do on the Macon Ridge: the Eating Patterns of Southern Farm Families During World War II.  Academic Paper by Joseph B. Parker; 10/8/1993 (Posted by BLM 9/11/2018)

Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch  New York Times; 7/29/2019 (Posted by BLM 7/29/2018)

Seriously, Juice is not Healthy New York Times; 7/7/2018 (Posted by BLM 7/12/2018)

Researchers Now Have a Much More Nuanced Understanding of Whether We Should Eat Pasta Washington Post; 7/6/2016 (Posted by BLM 6/17/2018)

Canned Foods Linked to BPA Risk in New Study CNN; 6/29/2016 (Posted by BLM 5/22/2018)

Packaging Food with Food to Reduce Waste New York Times; 5/30/2017 (Posted by BLM 5/22/2018)

Home Cooking  The New Yorker; 4/15/2018 (posted by BLM 5/8/2018)

Most of America’s Fruit is Now Imported.  Is That a Bad Thing? The New York Times; 3/13/2018 (posted by BLM 4/10/2018)

How Millennials Compare with their Grandparents 50 Years Ago  Pew Research Center; 3/18/2018 (posted by BLM 3/20/2018)

Restaurants that Serve Oysters Sometimes Toss Out Hundreds of Tiny, Juicy Crabs a Day – Why Aren’t They Making Their Way Onto the Menu Instead?  Taste; 3/14/2018 (posted by BLM 3/14/2018)

Mescal Sunrise: Searching for the Ultimate Artisanal Distillate The New Yorker; 4/4/2016 (posted by BLM 2/27/2018)

Is the Secret to Campari Red an Insect?  Daily Beast; 2/14/2018 (posted by BLM 2/14/2018)

Does Red Dye Really Affect Kids’ Behavior?; 10/25/2017 (posted by BLM 2/13/2018)

These Crazy Pictures Show How Companies Use Bugs to Make Red Dye for Food and Cosmetics; 10/24/2014; (posted by BLM 2/13/2018)

Is Reintroducing Acorns into the Human Diet a Nutty Idea? Scientific American; 5/16/2014; (posted by BLM on 1/16/2018)

The Kosher Salt Question  Taste; 10/11/2017; (posted by BLM on 12/31/2017).

Nutritious Acorns Don’t Have to Just Be Snacks for Squirrels  National Public Radio; 10/2/2014; (posted by BLM on 12/14/2017).

Unscrambling the Nutrition Science On Eggs  National Public Radio; 3/6/2017; (posted by BLM on 11/28/2017)

Egg Makers Are Freaked Out by the Cage-Free Future BuzzFeedNews; 3/22/2017; (posted by BLM 11/28/2017).

Why the U.S. Chills its Eggs and Most of the World Doesn’t National Public Radio; 9/11/2017; (posted by BLM 11/28/2017).

Definition of a Heritage Turkey  The Livestock Conservancy, © 2017 (posted by BLM on 11/14/2017).

Americans Have Stopped Eating Leftovers  Washington Post, 10/31/2017; (posted by BLM on 11/3/2017)

An Ode to Sloppy Joe, a Delicious Mess  New York Times, 10/9/2002; (posted by BLM on 10/24/2017)

How Safe Is Your Shrimp?  Consumer Reports, 4/24/2015; (posted by BLM on 9/12/2017)

I Want To Eat Fish Responsibly.  But The Seafood Guides Are So Confusing! National Public Radio; 3/15/2017; (posted by BLM on 8/26/2017)

Why Salad Is So Overrated The Washington Post; 8/23/2015;  (posted by BLM on 8/12/2017)

It’s the Umami, Stupid. Why the Truth About MSG is So Easy to Swallow; 11/8/2013; (posted by BLM on 8/12/2017)

How MSG Got A Bad Rap: Flawed Science and Xenophobia, FiveThirtyEight; 1/8/2016; (posted by BLM on 8/12/2017)

Why Do Puns Make People Groan? The Atlantic; 7/15/2015; (posted by BLM on 7/30/2017)

The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History, and Made Wordplay More than Some Antics  by John Pollack; 4/14/2011 (posted by BLM on 7/30/2017)

Sesame: Little Seeds, Big Benefits; 8/2/2016 (posted by BLM on 7/16/2017)

Sesamum orientale – from the USDA (posted by BLM on 7/16/2017)

An Ingredient Yotam Ottolenghi Can’t Do Without New York Times; 6/16/2017 (posted by BLM on 7/5/2017)

What the Heck Do I Do with Annatto?; 4/13/2011 (posted by BLM on 7/2/2017)

Beyond Blades of Grass New York Times; 6/16/2017 (posted on BLM 6/18/2017)

What America’s Changing Bread Preferences Say About Its Politics Washington Post; 6/19/2014 (posted on BLM 6/18/2017)

White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf Published by Beacon Press, 2012 (posted by BLM on 6/18/2017)

People Like Us PBS; aired 11/18/2013 (posted on BLM 6/18/2017)

Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be WronNew York Times; 5/8/2017 (posted on BLM 6/4/2017)

A Chicken that Grows Slower and Tastes Better  New York Times; 5/1/2017 (posted on BLM 5/21/2017)

Vegetarian and “Healthy” Diets Could Be More Harmful to the Environment Carnegie Mellon (posted 5/21/2017)

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