Gone Fishing

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The management at BigLittleMeals is honoring the terms of my contract and giving me some vacation time (thanks to my membership in the International Federation of Blog Writers, Local Chapter Number 531).  So, instead of slaving away to produce a blog entry for Andy’s Corner I am going on an annual fly-fishing trip with our son Travis.

Andy and Travis Montana fishing 2016

Travis and I on our 2016 fishing trip at Spotted Bear Ranch near the Flathead National Forest in Montana


fishing socks urban angler

Travis just picked up some wading socks (in the bag) for both of us at the Urban Angler in Manhattan – We’re ready to go.

But if you just have to read something by me this would be an appropriate time to re-read either “Why I Sometimes Carp About Fishing” or  “Why I Don’t Crab about Fishing in Louisiana.”  Both were works of love.

One more thing before I pack my fishing gear and take off –  I would like to point out that the video in our previous blog which demonstrated how to get rid of eucalyptus roots in a garden was filmed, directed, and choreographed by me. And, the action took place across the fence from our garden.  Actually, if I say so myself, the video was pretty clever.  Here it is again if you missed it.

OK, now I have to get back to my packing.  See you next blog.

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