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It’s a Keeper

Let me say this upfront.  I do not (NOT!) want to see another recommendation for what to eat using canned beans.  I am over (OVER!) them.  I agree that canned beans may be almost the perfect food – healthy, cheap, quick, easy, always on hand.  And I understand that when we’re limiting our visits to the grocery store during this coronavirus time, canned beans may be the perfect solution to multi meals.  But I’m tired of them.

(An aside: Andy has a totally different take on beans.  See Andy’s Corner – as always :))

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 6.39.29 AM

White Bean Soup w/Krispy Kale – Deb at Smitten Kitchen

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 7.04.22 AM

Big Pot of Beans – Melissa at the NYTimes

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 7.14.39 AM

Quick Red Beans & Rice – Washington Post

I need CRUNCH in my life! (and more caps and exclamation points – to make a home-bound life more DYNAMIC and FUN!!!!!)!  And I need something that KEEPS because I am asked to not go to the grocery store every day!!!!

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 7.12.15 AM

My dislike of packaged greens may – or may not – be well founded.  See Mother Jones.

Whereas crispy salads with Baby Gem and Iceberg and Romaine lettuce are wonderful, greens like that just won’t keep well for very long (note: Andy and I don’t buy packaged greens).  So for my necessary CRUNCH, I’ve turned to some different veggies.

Here’s your shopping list for the vegetable section of your market (check your cupboards and fridge for the dressings’ ingredients).  Get in and get out of the store – QUICK!  And relax, then, knowing these veggies will keep their freshness and crunch for at least a week – or until you’re allowed to return to the store (face mask on, of course).

  • Broccoli crowns
  • A bunch of carrots (definitely not in a cellophane pkg and not “babies”!)
  • Red onion or two
  • Jicama (try to find a small one; substitutions would be kohlrabi or Granny Smith apples – which would need to be chopped and dipped into a lemon/water mixture to keep)
  • Some oranges
  • Red bell pepper – or small mild red peppers
  • Green onions
  • Red and green cabbage (don’t you get annoyed at how large they are?!  Try to find a small head – or 1/2 of a head – but it does keep really well, if you have to go big.)
  • Celery
  • Limes
  • Head of garlic
  • Fresh ginger
  • Cilantro and/or parsley and/or mint

With that fresh produce, you’ll have enough to make each of the four “It’s a Keeper” Crunchy salads.  Make one today; eat it for the next few days.  And so on.  Add nuts if your need for crunch is overwhelming you, as it is me.  Anything to keep us SANE.  Or is sanity a thing of the past? Continue reading

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