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Yelp and Repentance

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How many of us are lucky enough to receive not one but TWO hand-written thank-you notes in the mail on the same day?  And both those thank-you notes are on cards created by the folks doing the thanking!

I’d give our guests very, very positive reviews on Yelp – if only they made being house guests their business: FIVE stars!!!!!!!!!!!! Cleaned up after themselves!!!!  Appreciated our cooking!!!!  Good conversationalists!!!!  Stayed LESS than 5 nights!!!  Wrote and snail-mailed thank-you’s!!!!

My positive Yelping would not be typical of what seems to be the norm on Yelp.  The definition of “yelp” is a short, sharp cry of pain or alarm.  Those who created Yelp reviews must have known that this was not going to be a necessarily positive kind of thing.  And, judging from our kids’ experience with their restaurant(s), Tacolicious, Yelp can definitely cause a sharp cry of pain or alarm.

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“Tacolicious is AWESOME and the manager is the BEST!” “Great tacos.”  “Yummy tacos.” “Prime location; good vibes and good food!” “God, this place is good.” Yes, there are lots and lots of positive Yelp reviews about Tacolicious, but then…….

Well, you’ll just have to read our daughter Sara’s recent article in online Bon Appétit:  10 Lessons on Opening a Restaurant.  It’s not all about Yelp; it’s about the restaurant business in general.  And it’s about repentance.   It’s pretty funny, even if her mama is the one saying it.

In case you’re interested, a little Googling comes up with the following info re how the name Yelp was selected by its co-founders:  it was short, memorable, easy to spell, and connected “the help” and “yellow pages.”

Andy, meanwhile, can’t help thinking about his on-going angst resulting from RateMyProfessors.com.  A little like Yelp – but for the world of academia.  Check out Andy’s Corner.

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Guacamole – and more from Tacolicious

I’ve got four recipes from Tacolicious for your review.  One – D-lish T-lish Guacamole – we blogged about before; it’s SO perfect.  I just KNOW your reviews will be stellar. 🙂

Three other recipes are for dishes which are all currently on the menu at the restaurants, if you’d like to eat out in San Francisco (or Palo Alto or San Jose) and Yelp about it.  Just remember that restaurant owners have feelings too.

Also – just so you know – I am not exactly unrepentant.  Wikipedia says that “repentance is the activity of reviewing ones actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs, which is accompanied by commitment to change for the better.”  I hereby promise to send out hand-written thank-you notes post-holiday – which will be a first since email was invented (but I hope my family doesn’t hold me to it!) Continue reading

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