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Nightcaps and a Morning Dish

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If cold weather and the busy holiday season have you longing for nothing more than to lounge around a blazing fire (which is, hopefully, in a fireplace!) with a good book in hand, soothing music on your Sonos, and sipping on something stronger than hot chocolate – we’re here for you.

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As for good books, we can’t recommend A Gentleman in Moscow enough.  Yes, it’s been around a couple of years, but it’s the perfect novel for a long winter’s night.


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For music, how about something of Leonard Cohen; Closing Time might be nice; Democracy is Coming to the USA might be better yet.  The video is great, too – an official one from Cohen.  FYI – Cohen began writing the song after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall – and finished it in 1992.

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“Leonard Cohen,” this very cute dog, lives with our Portland friends.  It appears he’s snuggled into bed after a cozy night around the fire with his people-mates.

For adding a bit of humor to the season (“ho, ho, ho,” or “ho hum” is TBD) be sure to read today’s Andy’s Corner

As for nightcaps, the sentiment of most bartending pros seems to be “stick with brown liquor, ” so we’ve picked dark rum, cognac, brandy, and rye for our nightcaps.  We’re big fans of the 2″ silicone ice cube trays for the cold nightcaps.  And we’re believers that less is more when it comes to nightcaps, so tend to like ones that aren’t more than about 3 oz total (except for the hot drinks).

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Bulleit – our choice for rye

The next morning, when you’re still feeling lazy after your warm and cozy and relaxing night (hope there was at least a dog – and maybe a cat – but not two cats – in bed with you :)),  there is nothing easier than popping a savory bread pudding into the oven.  You make it the day before; refrigerate it. Bake it the next morning.  If it’s the holidays and you’ve got overnighters, it is the perfect breakfast recipe. Continue reading

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