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Jerk, Fungi, & Thyme

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“And indeed there will be Thyme.  Time for you and Thyme for me” (is T.S. Eliot too sacred to parody? Actually, I just re-read The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock and find it speaks to me more today than when I read it in my 20th-Century Lit class at CC 54 years ago). Today’s BigLittleMeals’ post is all about recipes spiced with thyme – and about how we label men; it’s about Brooklyn and Jamaica and about good food. Andy is going public with the fact that he has CPD; you’re going to love it!  Read on.

Fun-gi or jerk? Scanning those faces above, the choice may not always be obvious.  And the choice is trickier yet if you’re deciding what to cook with your chicken breasts or thighs tonight.  Fungi/Italian or Jamaican/Jerk?  Quick and easy – or a little more creative time in the kitchen?  Mild and delicious – or tongue-burning spicy and delicious?

Our daughter and I recently spent a few days in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where our son and his girlfriend live.  And I am making arrangements for Andy and I to get back there soon.  Of course (OF COURSE!) I want to visit the two of them again, but even more I want some of the jerk chicken we ate at two different, totally funky spots, Peppa’s and The Food Sermon.  I love this timely quote seen at The Food Sermon:

“In Our Home, There is Laughter. There Are Mistakes. There is Noise. There are Apologies. There is Affection. There is Love.”  

After watching this video, I’d pick the owner of The Food Sermon, Rawlston Williams, to be a Fun-gi even though his specialty is Jerk 🙂 And, should you be tormented by your inability to identify all of my fungi/jerks, go to the very end of today’s blog, and we’ll help you out.

Speaking of noise, I always want music turned up loud when I’m doing serious cooking, here’s what I recommend for the Caribbean mood; oh the memories…dating back to 1956.  A banana bread recipe has to be forthcoming.

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