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I just ♪ put another log on the fire ♪ (did you know that Shel Silverstein wrote that song?), and I’m getting ready to make soup.  It’s January.  I’m looking forward to spring and re-birth – in our yard and elsewhere.  Andy is having lotus/Lotus fantasies.

Soupcon.  I love that word.  Yes, soup’s on in our house, but our portions will be small.  Could we say a soupcon of soup’s on?  Admittedly, our kiddos think we underfeed them proportion-wise when they’re here.

In 1996 The Washington Post had a review of the film, I Shot Andy Warhol.  The title of their review? “A Soupcon of Warhol in Every Scene.”  To tie that into today’s world, the woman who shot Warhol – in 1968 – was Valerie Solanas, described by the Post as: the founder and (apparently) sole member of a revolutionary feminist sect called the Society for Cutting Up Men (a k a SCUM), and the author of “The SCUM Manifesto,” a rabid yet frequently hilarious polemic proclaiming the natural biological superiority of women and urging the eradication of the male sex. “Just because men, like disease, have been with us forever is no reason they should continue to exist,” she wrote.

But again I digress.

For your own personal SoupsOn evening, we have three suggestions.

First: a wonderful and easy clam chowder that is just ever-so-slightly adapted from my brother’s sister-in-law, Joyce.  We like to keep things all in the family!  Joyce reports that she in turn found the recipe in a 1967 edition – 1973 printing – of Sunset’s Seafood Cookbook….and has been making it on Christmas Eve ever since.   It’s a go-to for us.

Or how about a red lentil soup?  It’s Super Simple, quick to fix, healthy, pretty, delicious.  What more could you want?  Plus, you can tweak it so many ways.

And finally, a perfect chili for a cold winter’s night, one which we adapted from one of our favs – Melissa Clark from the NY Times.

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