When You Turn 80 The Proof Isn’t Always in the Pudding


Our Ancient Age bourbon sulking in the back of the cabinet.

In the previous Andy’s Corner I mentioned that I was introduced to Swedish pancakes by Ann’s mother after we had flown to Colorado to announce our engagement.  I failed to mention that there was another first for me on that trip.  On the evening we arrived Ann’s father broke out a bottle of Ancient Age bourbon, poured us all a glass with a splash of water, and proposed a toast to his daughter and his future son-in-law. Evidently, Ancient Age bourbon and water had long been an evening ritual in the Hill household, but it was the first time I had even heard of Ancient Age.

Although we have moved on to other brands,  Ann and I keep Ancient Age on hand – out  of nostalgia more than a preference.  Quite frankly, I almost forgot we had a bottle sitting in the back of the cabinet until Ann mentioned that she was thinking about doing a BLM blog on bourbon.  This came at about the same time as I was trying to come up with an appropriate birthday gesture for one of my cycling buddies who was about to turn 80.

Voila!  Why not Ancient Age? –  it’s 80 proof after all.   After doing a little research I realized that this was the perfect gift for a number of reasons, none of which had to do with the quality of the booze of course.

So, as a service to our readers, I am sharing my clever 80th birthday gesture (which could be used on a card, a banner, or a billboard on the road into town).  I offer it as a model for customizing your own version for that someone special who is turning 80.


ancient age 2

The tasting notes are excerpted from reviews of Ancient Age published on line.


If you missed your friend’s 80th, not to worry; I have the perfect idea for the 81st birthday – Wild Turkey, which is 81 proof bourbon.  Think of the  creative possibilities with this one.





  1. David Ewing says:

    Well, I can see from Googling around a little that 81 proof Wild Turkey is a thing, but I never heard of it before. I was sure that Wild Turkey was always 101 proof. Why in the world would they have watered it down? ….oh. Now, I remember.


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