Andy’s Corner Posts from 2017

Why I Don’t Crab About Fishing In Louisiana (posted by Andy, 12/19,2017)

A Nut By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet – Just Ask Any Squirrel (posted by Andy, 12/12/2017).

Chicken-Speak and Freeze-Dried Mealworms: How I Came to Love Local Eggs (posted by Andy, 11/28/2017)

Bear With Me: My Night Job as a Wildlife Photographer (posted by Andy, 11/14/2017).

Thinking Inside the Box: Hobgoblin of Little Minds or Avoiding Misery? (Posted by Andy, 11/7/2017)

Wildfires and Creamed Chipped Beef  (Posted by Andy, 10/23/2017)

Blogging to the Beat of a Different Drummer: Searching for Jerusalem Crickets (Posted by Andy, 9/26/2017)

Why I Sometimes Carp About Fishing (Posted by Andy, 9/12/2017)

Beans and Donuts: A Survival Story- Part II (Posted by Andy, 8/29/2017)

Beans and Donuts: A Survival Story– Part I (Posted by Andy, 8/12/2017)

Big Little Puns (Posted by Andy, 7/30, 2017)

Syrian Stew and Retsina: Sort of a Love Story (Posted by Andy, 7/16/2017)

Big Little Scrubbies: Reflections on the Meaning of Life in the Kitchen and Beyond (Posted by Andy, 7/2/2017)

White Bread or Brown Bread: A Matter of Taste or of a Great Social Divide? (Posted by Andy, 6/18/2017)

The Cook’s Dilemma: Tidy vs Messy in the Kitchen  (Posted by Andy, 6/4/2017))

When Simple Is Not Always Simple (Posted by Andy, 5/21/2017)

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