Andy’s Corner Posts from 2022

Give the Gift of… (Posted by Ann, 12/20/2022)

Orange You Glad We Have Oranges? (Posted by Ann, 12/6/2022)

Can an Old Dog Teach a New Dog Old Tricks? (Posted by Andy, 11/8/2022)

The Fungus Among Us: Something to Eat or a Super-Hero Capable of Saving our Planet (Posted by Andy, 10/25/2022).

Ignoring the Elephant in the Room – or Not (Posted by Andy, 10/11/2022)

Wrap Rage: National Crisis or Buyer’s Remorse? (Posted by Andy, 9/27/2022)

My Personal Quest for Fire: From a Deviant Behavior to a Skilled Craft (Posted by Andy, 9/13/2022)

Best Laid Plains: A Beach Date Gone Awry (Posted by Andy, 8/30/2022)

Homesick and Deep Six: Confessions of a Former Boy Scout (Posted by Andy, 8/16/2022)

Beef Pizzle and the Art of Eating (Posted by Andy, 8/2/2022)

Rats – on the Menu or in the Kitchen? (Posted by Ann, 7/19/2022)

The Color Blue: Super Hero or Nature’s Great Hoax? (Posted by Andy, 7/5/2022)

Can Invasivores Save Our Planet? (Posted by Andy, 6/21/2022)

Learning To Live With Spam (Posted by Andy, 6/7/2022)

Believing is Seeing or What You Get is What You See (Posted by Andy, 5/24/2022)

Today It’s All About the 2022 Rag-Tag Award (Posted by Andy, 5/10/2022)

A Hoagie Straight from Heaven (Posted by Andy, 4/26/2022)

Weather-Speak: Banal Banter or Social Lubricant? (Posted by Andy, 4/12/2022)

The Grimm Truth: Solving a Puzzle (Posted by Andy, 3/30/2022)

Hobby Envy: Wordle vs. Marquetry (Posted by Andy, 3/15/2022)

Orphaned Negatives: A Reason for Despair {Posted by Andy, 3/1/2022)

Kindergarten Sociology (Posted by Andy,2/15/2022)

Why I Can’t Stop Discussing Disgusting Things (Posted by Andy, 1/18/2022)

My Brush with California Fame (Posted by Andy, 1/4/2022)

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