Andy’s Corner Posts from 2019

When You Turn 80 The Proof Isn’t Always in the Pudding (posted by Andy, 12/17/2019)

Making Swedish Pancakes is Not for Sissies (posted by Andy, 12/3/2019)

Oakley’s Secret: A Tailless Dog’s Tale (posted by Andy, 11/19/2019)

When the Crowd Went Wild: My Moment of Basketball Glory (posted by Andy, 11/5/2019)

55 Sierras of Romeo Chatter  (posted by Andy, 10/22/2019)

The Cupertino Effect and Basketball Lingerie (posted by Andy, 10/8/2019)

An Airbnb for the Birds (posted by Andy, 9/24/2019)

Bored Games and Turning the (Kitchen) Table (posted by Andy, 9/10/2019)

Ignatius Reilly and Lucky Dogs – Rediscovering A Confederacy of Dunces (posted by Andy, 8/27/ 2019)

I Blog Therefore I Am – Perhaps (posted by Andy, 8/13/2019)

Searching for Jerusalem Crickets (again) (posted by Andy, 7/30/2019)

Weight Lifting, a Baby Swan, and a Tea Bag Dinner Party (posted by Andy, 7/16/2019)

When the Coffee Wallah’s Daughter Crossed Over to the Dark Side (posted by Andy, 7/2/2019)

Coffee Wallahs and the Walking Dead: Notes from the Wild Rivers Cycling Tour (posted by Andy, 6/18/2019).

Gone Cycling: Have an Existential Breakfast Burrito on Me (posted by Andy, 6/4/2019).

Thomas the Tank Engine Goes to College (posted by Andy, 5/21/2019).

Toasting with an Empty Vessel and Other Violations of the Mess (posted by Andy, 4/23/2019)

Erratum for the Great Skateboard Caper (posted by Andy, 4/9/2019)

The D-o-g P-a-r-k Rules: All about Pooping in the Park (posted by Andy, 3/26/2019)

Tidiness and Maxwell’s Demon in My Workshop (posted by Andy, 3/12/2019)

Gag Me with a Spoon: The Trials and Tribulations of Childhood Discomfort Food (posted by Andy, 2/26/2019)

In the Beginning Was Raggedy (posted by Andy, 2/12/2019)

Is One Egg Un Oeuf? (posted by Andy, 1/29/2019)

Bike Lessons from Vietnam (posted by Andy, 1/15/2019)

WHAT IF Fortuna is More Than Just a Clever Name for a Cat? (posted by Andy, 1/2/2019)

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