Earlier Andy’s Corner Posts from 2020

Zero = P on the S: An “Aha!” Opportunity (posted by Andy, 4/7/2020)

More Debauchery – The Addams Family in our Basement (posted by Andy, 3/24/2020)

Spotted WHAT? (posted by Andy, 3/17/2020)

Ya Got Trouble – right here in Glen Ellen (posted by Andy, 3/10/2020)

I’m So Square the Rest of the World is Hip (posted by Andy, 2/11/2020)

Thinking About Soup-or Bowls? (posted by Andy, 1/28/2020)

New Beginnings: Moving from Higher to “Hire” Education (posted by Andy, 1/14/2020)

Avoiding the Kitchen-Clean-Up Blues – Andy’s 2020 Playlist (posted by Andy, 1/2/2020)

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