Ignoring the Elephant in the Room – or Not

Although BigLittleMeals is purportedly a food blog, we have covered many diverse and sometimes even controversial non-food issues in the 5 years we’ve been publishing our blog.  To name just a few, we’ve discussed The Apocalypse, Cannibalism, the Birds and the Bees, God, Death, Love, and even the F-word.  But there is one glaring exception, or you may say there’s an elephant in the room that we keep ignoring.

I’m referring to politics and political affiliations.  Given the highly charged and rancorous nature of today’s political landscape we’ve decided that it’s best to avoid politically sensitive topics and to focus on things with less potential for raising blood pressure levels (and seeing red).

While that may be the policy that guides Ann’s and my selection of content for our blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we constrain the opinions expressed by our canine and feline blog guests. Obviously, because they can’t talk (or write), one must infer their opinions from their actions (and barks or meows).  

Oakley and Wynn star once again in a BigLittleMeals video production.

To illustrate my point, I’ve created a short video entitled An Elephant in the Room starring Oakley and Wynn. You can decide whether their actions do or do not convey a political message.

An Elephant in the Room — A BigLittleMeals action video starring Oakley and Wynn. Directed and produced by Andy. Music by Henry Mancini.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned for the sequel, that is if I can find a suitable stuffed donkey.

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