Crawfish by the Pound


From our Louisiana experience….

So – this is really BIG (i.e., lots and lots of crawfish – 12 pounds to be exact), and maybe you can say the crawfish are a LITTLE-bite size), but this really isn’t a Big Little Meals meal.  We just had to share it with you since it comes from such a fun recent experience.  I HAD to get back to Baton Rouge during crawfish season (spring).  We’d been away too many years.  Plus, we wanted to see our most special 87-year-old neighbor from the old University Hills neighborhood.  How many of you have seen a food truck dealing exclusively in boiled crawfish?  Yup, that’s where we bought them.  The great name of the truck: Crawfish on the Geaux. 🙂  And, FYI, the three of us easily ate all 12 pounds.

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