Lagniappe: Lawn Mowing and WC Breakfasts

A follow-up to the World of 1950’s grilling and lawn mowing – as mentioned in last week’s blog –  and to World Cup soccer:  a picture is worth a thousand words and an addendum to our World Cup Soccer predictions!

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 6.20.24 AM

Raise your hand if you used to get the Saturday Evening Post.  How we women and girls were duped by an ad like this!  Circa 1955.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 6.10.19 AM

My first lawnmower.  My dad convinced me it would be fun to drive this Craftsman around.  Right.

And now about the World Cup: I was all ready to recommend favorite brunch recipes for a Belgium vs England final.   I would have said fix a Belgian gaufre de liège Waffle (a recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s blog – one of my most favorites) and a “stress free” recipe from the BBC for a full English breakfast.

Now we’re dealing with France vs Croatia, and I’ll be damned if I can think of a fun brunch recipe from Croatia.  I still recommend Chouquettes and French Toast, if you’re rooting for France.  If Croatia is your team, how about grilled oysters?  When Andy did research at LSU he studied the oyster harvesters in South Louisiana – and many were Croatian.  He laughed because someone said that if a fisherman’s name ended with the sound “itch” they were Croatian.  This was expected to be the starting line-up for Croatia vs England.  Lots and lots of “ic’s” (pronounced like itch):

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 6.53.03 PM

But for heaven’s sake don’t serve juice with your brunch!  Be sure to read the article – as well as some of the interesting comments – on why many experts say we should avoid that standard breakfast offering.  We recommend fresh fruit and yogurt instead.

And one final soccer-related note.  After we all breathed a universal sigh of relief that the young Thai soccer team had been successfully rescued from the cave, I read an article about the boys which said that what they really craved was spicy basil pork and rice.  Sounds delicious to me too – and here’s a quick and easy Thai recipe for that from a great blog – the Woks of Life.


  1. Bob Carleton says:

    Juice? Don’t much use the stuff… except that each morning I have a half-glass or so of 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. That’s the full-strength cranberry squeezings, with nothing added. About 35 calories for a half-glass. Quite flavor-full and rather tart (some say it’s undrinkable). Available all the time at Trader Joe’s. Always avoid the stuff they ruin perfectly good apples and oranges to make. But, the stuff made around Napa from grapes is worthy!


    • theRaggedys says:

      Tricia, I am of the belief that at our age we can do and eat and drink what we want – even though I might feel guilt! Do as I say, not as I do. I think we’ll have a mimosa tonight, upon your recommendation 🙂


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