Lagniappe: A Bicycle Adventure and the Papi Hemingway Cocktail

Because this Lagniappe edition of our blog deals with cycling (in addition to a fantastic cocktail) Ann has allowed me to take the lead.  I will be brief.

papi hemingway official pic

The official Tacolicious photo of Jared’s Papi Hemingway cocktail

The folks I ride with in the Santa Rosa Cycling Club represent all walks of life –  engineers, nurses, doctors, dentists, building contractors, lawyers, sheriffs, plumbers, teachers – we even have a rocket scientist and a renowned mountain climber.  But none of them, to my knowledge, has ridden a bike to Oaxaca and back nor created a world class cocktail. 

Jared Crabtree, the Tacolicious Beverage Director, has done both of these things.  His epic four-and-a-half month, 4,488 mile ride to Oaxaca and back in 2013 on his Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle is an amazing saga. To give you a feel for it I am including a couple of snippets from the account posted on the Tacolicious web  page.  It is worth checking out for both cycling and culinary fans.

Setting out in early September, [Jared] made his way to La Paz (just that leg is 1,492 miles) where he got on a ferry to Mazatlán, and rode his way down the coast to Colima, turned north towards Guadalajara, then on to Mexico City, Puebla, and finally Oaxaca. In each place he stayed as short as a night or two or as long as a few weeks.

Jared bike on beach

… Being his own tour guide definitely came with its hiccups. When he set out from Mexico City to Puebla, he unwittingly set out over a mountain pass where, as the sun set, he found himself at 13,000 feet. That night he spent in frigid temperatures, tucking himself in as tightly as he could in his sleeping bag. His bike took quite a beating too. A spoke that ripped through his tire landed him at Casa Ciclista in Guadalajara—a community project set up for traveling bike tourists. There he got his frame re-welded and his back wheel rebuilt, so he could finish his journey.


Jared took some amazing photos and kept a blog (see it here; and be sure to scroll down to see the commentary, in addition to the great photos).  I love his description of his experience when he arrived at Valle de los Cirios which is near Ensenada:

I spotted a dozen different species of cactus, Joshua trees, and countless other thorny shrubs and bushes (sorry inner tubes!).  My campsite tonight is incredible.  Even just a short jaunt off the highway down a dirt road, I’m the only one around.  My legs are exhausted, I’m totally filthy, covered in 7 layers of sunblock and dried perspiration, but none of that matters.  This is the absolute freedom I have been searching for.. and I’m thrilled.

“Jared’s “absolute freedom” has been somewhat altered since that epic ride in 2013.  He is now married and has a one-year old.  He just emailed me this:

I still have the original bike frame I took to Mexico!  After being welded twice in Mexico and once by a frame builder in Alameda, it’s been decommissioned from touring and now acts as my errand bike and grocery runner, complete with flat handlebars and a big basket on front.
… As far as any more epic trips planned – my wife and I now have a 1 year old boy Rocco who is forcing us to focus on “less epic” trips – some camping in Marin is definitely in our future.  We built up a Rivendell custom “Hubbahubba” as a wedding gift to ourselves with the idea of braving the great divide.  Maybe one day!   
Jared on bike with 1-year old (1)

Jared with his one-year-old Rocco

Although perhaps not as thrilling as that historic ride, to my mind creating the Papi Hemingway cocktail was in itself an amazing achievement.  Who would have thought that rum, mezcal and maraschino liqueur along with lime juice, agave nectar, and a splash of bitters could be so delicious.  It has become such a popular cocktail at Tacolicious that customers demand it whenever it rotates off the drink menu.

Papi Hemingway Cocktail

Ann and Andy’s version of the Papi Hemingway cocktail

Ann and I recently tried to make our own Papi Hemingway based on the recipe below.

Jareds Papi cocktail2

Official Tacolicious recipe

Because we do not have the arsenal of sophisticated cocktail ingredients available to bartenders at Tacolicious, we tweaked Jared’s recipe a bit to go with what we had on hand.  The result was fantastic, although undoubtedly not up to snuff with what Jared would put together.  So, if you are unable to make it to Tacolicious to get Jared’s personal touch, please accept this recipe as our lagniappe gift to you.  Cheers.

Papi Hemingway Cocktail

  • Servings: 1 cocktail
  • Print
Slightly modified from Jared Crabtree’s recipe.  We doubled this recipe to make two cocktails. 

  • 1 oz dark rum
  • 3/4  oz mezcal
  • 3/4 oz Maraschino liqueur
  • 3/4 oz lime juice
  • 1/2 oz agave nectar
  • 4 dashes orange bitters
  • 1 two inch orange peel for garnish.
  1. Add ingredients to a shaker. Top with ice and shake.  Strain into a chilled coupe (or cocktail glass) .  Garnish with orange peel.

Recipe brought to you by Jared Crabtree,, and Andy and Ann



  1. Peter Verbiscar-Brown says:

    Let’s hear it for knowing how and when to push oneself to achieve dreams of far away adventure, juxtaposed with the relaxation demanded of enjoying such a lovely cocktail.


  2. Brian McGee says:

    What an incredible story!! I was lucky enough to see Jared in Ventura, CA on his way south. Such an inspiration! Great post!


  3. sara deseran says:

    Hi Jared! Love that one of the sleeper Tacolicious cocktails is getting some love. It’s not all about margaritas, people!


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