Beef Pizzle and The Art of Eating

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am a big fan of M. F. K. Fisher. “The Art of Eating,” published in 1954, is a highly acclaimed compilation of five of her earlier books. One sentence out of the 749 pages in this book provided the inspiration for today’s Andy’s Corner:

I have always said (and practiced) that I would never give a dog or a cat what I would not eat myself – M.F.K. Fisher

Was she implying that her vision of the art of eating was applicable to our four-footed human companions? I explore this question (and the value of beef pizzle) in the following video . I hope you find it both entertaining and informative.

BigLittleMeals video: THE ART OF EATING (starring WynnSome)


  1. Susan Waterbury says:

    My girls love cow hoofs, they chew an chew on the. When I was on my ranch in Wyoming, the loved when the farrier arrived to trim the horses hoofs. They fought over the pieces that were trimmed off.


  2. Anonymous says:

    My girls love cow hoofs. They chew and chew on them. When I was in Wyoming they loved to be around when the farrier came to trim the horses feet, they loved the pieces.


  3. David Ewing says:

    When I was a kid our family had a series of Airedales, all named Poquita. I remember that there was one of them we would sometimes offer a bowl of leftover stew in gravy, which she would eat like WynnSome and all dogs (and some say I also) eat, “wolfing” the food. But she didn’t like peas. I don’t know how she did it, but she practically inhaled great mouthfuls of food, scarcely chewing before swallowing, and then licked the bowl clean. When she was finished, the peas remained, licked as clean as the bowl, with nary a tooth mark. Magic.


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