Can an Old Dog Teach a New Dog Old Tricks?

Ann includes in our blog today a video that depicts our 1-year-old Cardigan Corgi as a sage teacher who instructs Oakley, our 12-year-old Aussie, on the proper technique for chewing Bully Sticks. While Wynn is a clever little thing, it’s unfortunate that Oakley did not get any screen time to demonstrate her own prowess as a master teacher of canine folkways. To remedy this slight, I am presenting in today’s Andy’s Corner a dogumentary showcasing Oakley’s pedagogical skills.

I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs that half of the fun of making these videos is finding background music. I can’t tell you how many enjoyable hours I’ve spent searching for song titles and sounds that go with my videos (at least in my opinion). The Internet has become a special get-away while I root around among the seemingly infinite number of pieces available to sample.

One of my favorite albums from the 1960’s which includes Rambunctious

The background music I chose for the video included in Ann’s part of the blog (produced by yours truly) was particularly meaningful to me. I selected jazz trombonist Harold Better’s Rambunctious which was released in 1963, my junior year at UCSB. I loved it and played it repeatedly on my 33 rpm record player (remember those things?). It brought back fond memories of my college days which, keeping in the spirit of Ann’s blog today, made me happy.

ABIA’s Dog Run provides the background music for the below video

For my Andy’s Corner video today I’ve selected the appropriately titled “Dog Run” by ABIA, a Japanese musician I’d not heard of before. His bio says that he is currently focusing on writing background music and that his creative motto is Just Have fun! What could be more appropriate.

Now it’s time to see Oakley in action. Enjoy.

Old Dog, New Dog, Old Trick – A BigLittleMeals Media Production

So that’s it. As you see, an old dog can teach a new dog old tricks. May none of us be fearful of trying out new tricks – nor get tired of our old tricks.


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