Bidding STAIRwell to 2018: big little stairs with big little puns

Ann and I annually send out an end-of-the-year holiday “newsletter.”  Ann has been the inspirational source and taskmaster from the outset; I’ve mainly provided moral support. This year things changed.  Ann stepped back and allowed me free rein to create and oversee our holiday letter.  Stepping up to the plate, I gave it my best shot, which is presented here..  You can see that I continue to suffer from chronic CPD (“Compulsive Pun Disorder” – see my bit on Big Little Puns for details).  

Our 2018 Newsletter

Xmas Card 2018 JPG

A major drawback to the paper copies we sent out was being restricted to one page, including the graphics, so I had to do some serious cutting and trimming.  By the time it was ready to go to press the cutting room floor was littered with my edited clippings. 

I devoted so much effort on the above masterpiece that I hardly had time to do this edition of Andy’s Corner, so I decided to go with a postscript.  Not wanting to waste good puns (a matter of opinion, I suspect), I decided to throw the clippings down our stairs and see where they landed (I used to tell my students that was how I determined grades for their papers).  Here is the result: 

2018 Holiday Letter Clippings on the Stairs Stair puns for AndysCorner.jpg

In addition to sharing these discarded tidbits, I am including some feedback from two of my most loyal fans.

Hannah, who is lightning quick with rejoinders to my puns, shot this response to my original holiday letter:

Bloody Brilliant! I love it! The perfect cringe-worthy puns I live for, there’s no railing about this one (especially since you don’t appear to have any yet)…

And Sara sent this pun-based cartoon:

Stair pun cartoon from Sara

Stay tuned for next year’s newsletter.  It is bound to be hystairical.


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