Little Corgi’s Dream

Getting a new puppy, as we all know, is very similar to having a new baby in the house. Your sleep schedule is turned on its head; you have to watch the pup’s every move to keep it out of trouble, and you take a gazillion pictures and videos because it’s sooooo cute.

So, for today’s Andy’s Corner I’ve edited some of the photos and videos of our new puppy, WynnSome, to create a mini-movie.

KillerBlood (logo from web page). The music may not be what one would expect given the name and logo!

I mentioned in an earlier Andy’s Corner that one of the fun things about putting together a movie like this is selecting the background music. For today’s theme music I chose a piece performed by FireBlood. It is appropriately entitled Little Corgi’s Dream. FireBlood, a Taiwanese artist, claims to love music and the “tiny stories” behind little people. How could this not be my choice for the background music?

So sit back and enjoy Little Corgi’s Dream.


    • theRaggedys says:

      Thanks Charlene. What the video didn’t show were the moments like at 2:30 this morning when she was in her crate whining or when we found a little “surprise” in our shower. But I guess that sort of thing would be more like reality TV.


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