Oakley’s Secret: A Tailless Dog’s Tale


Cover for Yusuf / Cat Stevens remake of “I Love My Dog”
Jess Rotter/Courtesy of the artist

My contribution to our blog today is a video I created about our dog Oakley. For me, one of the most fun aspects of creating videos is finding appropriate background music.  In this case, after hours of listening to songs about and for dogs (we love Spotify!) I came across two that hit the spot.

Dog Songs Kirk Olsen

The song you will hear first is I’m Proud to be an American Dog,” a rather obscure piece  from Kirk Olsen’s 2002 album Dog Songs (Happy Dog Records – 634479126048).  I chose this because it is a fitting description of Oakley who is an Australian Shepherd.  Let me explain.

Contrary to their name, Australian Shepherds are not Australian at all.  In fact, the breed was developed as herding dogs on ranches in the United States during the 19th century.  No one seems to be sure why “Australian” became part of the name.  So, for the first part of the video I want to emphasize that Oakley is just a typical American dog.

The second song you will hear is “I Love My Dog” recorded by Cat Stevens in 1966.  It was the first recording of his career.  “Cat Stevens” was his stage name at the time, although he was born Steven Demetre Georgiou and in 1977, when he converted to Islam, he changed his name to Yusuf Islam.  Fortunately for my purposes we can use his “Cat” moniker.  You will see why this is relevant in the second part of the Oakley video you are about to see.

Oakley’s Secret: A Tailless Dog’s Tale


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