Super Simple Quesadillas

If you’re living in our ‘hood  (which includes the lovely town of Sonoma, as well as Glen Ellen), you’ll recognize those fabulous, super thin flour tortillas as coming from Tortilleria Jalisco at 897 W Napa.  We couldn’t live without them – and hope if you’re elsewhere you can find an equally special tortilleria.  Andy is off to SF today with a bunch of them to use while staying with our grandsons for a few nights.  He’ll make egg burritos in the morning and maybe quesadillas for lunch.

After-SF-Stay Postscript: the grandsons, both teen and tween, refused the egg burrito breakfast.  Teen toasted himself a bagel.  Tween had a sweet potato muffin.  Grandpa Andy was despondent. 

Even our Tween and Teen grandsons can easily fix themselves these delicious, quick quesadillas without a recipe (maybe :), but if you want a little cheat sheet here it is.  

Super Simple Quesadillas

  • Servings: 1
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You need a skillet large enough to hold the flat flour tortilla and you need some grated cheese (queso fresco and cheddar, or whatever melting cheese you have), a little hot sauce, and some soft butter to spread lightly all over one side of the tortilla.  Heat the pan to medium, then place the tortilla, butter-side down, on the skillet.  Sprinkle cheese and a bit of hot sauce over half of the open tortilla, then fold once.  As soon as the skillet side of the tortilla has browned a little and the cheese has begun to melt, flip the tortilla over and lightly brown the other side.  Remove from the pan and cut into pie-shaped pieces.  That’s it!

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