Picky and Piggy: A (Culinary) Tale of Two Kitties

How time flies. It was September of 2018 that I posted the wildly popular video A Tale of Two Kitties: The Best and Worst of Times (at least it was wildly popular with Ann and me). I’ve decided it’s time to produce a sequel to that video with an emphasis on food, this being a food blog and all.

To get you up to speed, the earlier production featured our two cats, Ono and Choco. Choco was just a kitten and Ono was not very pleased to learn that Choco was to be a permanent resident. Here’s a short clip of the video to refresh your memory, which ends with the rhetorical question, “Can these two cats ever be able to get along?”

Excerpt from A Tale of Two Kitties. Will they ever learn to get along?

Regrettably, after all of this time there has been little change in their mutual disdain. The hissing and batting remains a daily exchange. Ono has kept her trim figure and remains as prickly and unpredictable as ever. Choco is no longer the petite kitten seen in that video. As our vet tactfully put it, Choco has matured into a “strapping big healthy guy.” Despite being waistline challenged, Choco has become the sweetest and most sincere hunk of a cat you would ever want to meet.

While Choco has the build of a sumo wrestler, I would say that Ono is built more like a ballerina. I’m sure that some of this difference in body structure has to do with genetics, but it’s pretty clear that how they eat has something to do with it. We have struggled to find a canned cat food that Ono will eat; I can’t begin to tell you how many different brands and flavors that have been summarily rejected by Ono. On the other hand, to date Choco has yet to reject any brand or flavor he finds in his dish.

To provide some context for the upcoming video you should know a little about our morning routine. The first thing I do, even before I pour Ann’s coffee, is feed the cats, which tells you something about priorities in our household. Given the bad blood between our kitties it’s necessary to feed them separately – I feed Ono on Ann’s computer desk and Choco on my desk in another room.

That’s enough context; it’s time for the video. Note that my choice for the background music is from “Weird Al” Yankovic’s video Eat It (a must-see spoof of Michael Jackson’s 1983 super hit video Beat It). Yankovic’s lyrics, which are quite appropriate for the subject matter of my video, are provided below.

Picky and Piggy: A (Culinary) Tale of Two Kitties

Note: You can find the lyrics on line here.


  1. Bob Carleton says:

    Prefer Choco’s attitude, but Ono’s approach is likely healthier. I remember the “eat it, eat it while it’s warm or it’s an insult to your mother” and “think of all the starving children in China. Wish I’d had the wit to respond, “Name two!” Of course lip like that would result in a trip to the basement. I was trained into a life as a fast eater, and have ingrained the attitude that enough is never enough. These are terrible habits.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the old joke, “What do you get when you take away a cat’s cleanliness, independence and intelligence… a dog!” We have two full figure cats, referred to as fluffy. Tell Choco to embrace his fluffiness.


    • theRaggedys says:

      I’ll not share your old joke with Oakley; her feelings get hurt rather easily. And Choco will have to embrace his own fluffiness; I can hardly pick him up for an embrace. Thanks Anonymous for your comment.


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