Super Simple Salmon on the Grill

We blog about this recipe here.

Super Simple Salmon on the Grill

  • 2 pieces of wild salmon, about 5 oz each, skin on; if frozen, be sure they’re totally defrosted
  • capers, about 1 T per filet
  • 2 T olive oil
  • Seasoned Pepper (such as Johnny’s Seasoned Pepper)
  • kosher salt (optional, since capers are salty)

Brush top and bottom of the filets with the olive oil, sprinkle the top with seasoned pepper, and add the capers.

Preheat the (gas) grill to a medium setting and put on the salmon filets, skin side down and cover.  Try not to peek.

When white material is coming out of the salmon, it’s done – 8 – 9 minutes. No turning or fussing! Put on a platter – and serve.

Recipe brought to you by MountainWestBob in Albuquerque and

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